West Elsdon


Saint Turibius Church

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Saint Turibius Church
Businesses on Pulaski Avenue
Elsdon Pharmacy on 55th Street
Houses on 55th Place
Ferdinand W Peck Elementary School
House on West 57th Place
Businesses on Pulaski Avenue
Pasteur Elementary School
Pasteur Park
John Hancock High School
Houses on 55th Place
Dutch style vintage house on West 57th Street
Saint Turibius Church Rectory
Templo Fe Misericordia y Gracia
St. Turibius School
Yuenger Wood Moulding on Keeler Avenue
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Saint Turibius Church. Businesses on Pulaski Avenue. Elsdon Pharmacy on 55th Street. Houses on 55th Place. Ferdinand W Peck Elementary School. House on West 57th Place. Businesses on Pulaski Avenue. Pasteur Elementary School. Pasteur Park. John Hancock High School. Houses on 55th Place. Dutch style vintage house on West 57th Street. Saint Turibius Church Rectory. Templo Fe Misericordia y Gracia. St. Turibius School. Yuenger Wood Moulding on Keeler Avenue.