Gage Park


Gage Park Fountain

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Gage Park Fountain
Bungalows on Sawyer Avenue
Old Fire Station on Western Avenue
Bungalows on 55th Street
Gage Park High School
Saint Gall Catholic Church
Saint Gall School
Body of Christ Church
Business on 51st Street
Vintage apartment buildings on Richmond Street
Sawyer Elementary School
Gage Park Field House
 Houses on San Francisco Avenue
Christopher Elementary School
Western Avenue Pumping Station
Saint Simon's Church
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Gage Park Fountain. Sandoval Elementary School. Old Fire Station on Western Avenue. Bungalows on 55th Street. Gage Park High School. Saint Gall Catholic Church. Saint Gall School. Body of Christ Church. Evangelical Lutheran Church of Dr. Martin Luther. Vintage apartment buildings on Richmond Street. Sawyer Elementary School. Gage Park Field House. Chicago Bungalows on Trumbull Avenue. Christopher Elementary School. Western Avenue Pumping Station. Saint Simons Church. Bungalows on Sawyer Avenue. Business on 51st Street. Houses on San Francisco Avenue.